Some Known Incorrect Statements About Leadpages Conference

Some Known Incorrect Statements About Leadpages Conference

0:09:16.0 It actually– the breadth of positive feedback truly let us know that it was worth continuing this financial investment. And for the record, for anybody that runs an occasion, always do post-show participant studies. They are an absolute needs to and it provides you so much excellent feedback to work off of for the next year.

Andy: 0:09:40.7 In those surveys, what type of feedback are you looking for?Julie: 0:09:45.7 So we do a bit of whatever. I utilize Study Monkey 0:09:48.7 [Resource Mentioned] that integrates right with Occasion Brite, 0:09:50.4 [Resource Mentioned] which makes it so, so easy to utilize. But we ask a little bit of whatever, you know we have them compose the content, the speakers, what did they discover to be exceptionally useful, what did they seem like, if anything, was a waste of time or not beneficial for them.

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We have a lot of concerns that are established as yes/no or a scale of 1-10, but I also believe it is truly crucial to also leave an open-ended concern near the end of the survey that just lets people leave any kind of feedback that they want. Just kind of freestyle.

However it’s a terrific chance to give our participants the chance to help us make the occasion much better year over year. Andy: 0:10:40.3 And so obviously it was a few years ago, however the favorable feedback was reassuring, was practical, however was there anything that stood out that you understood you needed to change next time around, based on the feedback?Julie: 0:10:53.6 Yeah there were a couple of things.

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That was actually what we got the most favorable feedback on, but you understand you get little remarks here. Like some guy was truly upset that we didn’t have Coke Zero. We actually had like 40 different kinds of soft beverages, however no Coke Absolutely no, so that was one of them.

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They’re definitely wonderful, we like them here, however we discovered that our participants truly just wished to network, and the room where we had the band playing, everybody vacated into the space surrounding to it so they could talk and share ideas. 0:11:35.2 So we realized that as much as we like seeing this band carry out, it just wasn’t the best space for it.

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We still had Dj ‘d music there however slightly lower volume simply to accommodate what individuals wanted, which was more conversation. Andy: 0:11:53.2 That’s interesting. And I want to get back a bit to what you were speaking about with knowing you had actually developed something unique. Due to the fact that as an outsider, Leadpages seems to me, specifically in their marketing side of things to be really information driven.

And so, how did they kind of reconcile what is this sort of qualitative approach to viewing the conference where it is unclear to prove the ROI– how did they fix up that with the method they had grown the business? Or am I off-base in believing that?Julie: 0:12:34.1 No, not at all.

Our first conference, it was an absolute crap shoot. We didn’t know what kind of roi we were going to get on it. We put a lots of cash into it, and it was a gamble. 0:12:44.8 And like I stated, we didn’t recover cost, but we knew that this is the type of event that we wish to host at Leadpages going forward.

Throughout the day. In our jobs, in our home lives, and having the chance to truly bring individuals together in a live area where they can share ideas, get motivated, network and just be together is so very essential. 0:13:11.2 It has been made complex to truly put together strong metrics surrounding the event and for preparing every year over year, even if there are so many factors in play that you actually can’t control with live events.

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Andy: 0:13:27.5 Ok. And I get that, and particularly you hit on it when you said, Ïn the increasingly digital world” it is really simple to feel detached from business, but when you can bring some of that online life into the real life, it constructs that strong connection and it’s something where an online marketer myself, I do have a hard time going much deeper and stating, ‘Here’s how we can determine the effect of this, here’s why this matters”, but I’m with you on the qualitative side of why it is essential to attempt to build that neighborhood and actually simply deepen the relationship with them.

I’m basically a one-woman group on events here at Leadpages, and we have an incredible marketing department. Designers, developers, that help out with every action of the website build, promotions, and that kind of thing. However I realized after our first year that I required particularly more aid getting assistance for the ticket sales and promo side of events.

And by doing so, by requesting for more aid with that, it’s really offered me the freedom to focus more of my energy on the material and design side of things, which is more of my forte anyhow. 0:15:05.2 So, I’m happier working that method, and the group that’s fantastic at selling and promos is running that.