7 Things You Didn’t Know About Leadpages Conference

7 Things You Didn’t Know About Leadpages Conference

I consulted with our CEO Clay Collins and he’s a concept man and he was simply speaking about the overarching concept for this event that followed a consumer’s conversion journey from when they initially click on an ad or on your site to have their first check out. Sorry, I screwed that up.

Julie: Provide me just a sec here sorry. Ok, can I attempt that again?Andy: Yup. Julie: Not exactly sure where I left that off. Andy: We can just go, I think I’ll just return and we can begin all over. 0:03:07.8 [Edit Out] How did the first Converted Conference happen after you enrolled at Leadpages? Was it something that they needed to prepare right from the start or what was it like when you entered into things?Julie: 0:03:17.6 So I remember my first day on the job at Leadpages and met our CEO Clay Collins, and he gave me this huge overarching spiel on the kind of occasion that he wanted to create.

He wishes to have this global marketing conference nine months from now with nothing prepared. Clay’s a concept man, however it depended on me to develop and execute each and every single piece of Converted. I had my work cut out for me from day one. Andy: Yeah, for sure.

You said he wanted this big, international occasion, however how did he see it tying into Leadpages overall?Julie: 0:04:02.5 Yeah, so he actually desired to concentrate on conversion marketing. There’s a billion marketing conferences out there right now. A lot of them are very basic. And you go to all these sessions and just type of get a lot of info that isn’t really actionable in every case.

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They can actually walk away from the occasion and have a plan in location. And know what the next steps are to keep things going. Andy: 0:04:37.1 And you obviously had actually had a lot of experience in placing on events, so you understood a bit about what to expect, however you still had a short timeline and this is still a bit various than what you ‘d done in the past, so going into that very first conference, what did you believe was going to be the biggest challenge?Julie: 0:04:52.7 [Edit Out] Yeah, I thought the most significant obstacle would be convincing individuals to pay countless– stop– excuse me, let me attempt that once again.

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A substantial part of our audience consists of independent small company owners and I understand that there time and money is actually valuable and I was fretted that they would wish to invest it on a conference somewhere else that was a proven success that had actually been around for many years. 0:05:24.5 And not this newbie occasion, you understand, just sort of feeling like the Problem Bears, like we’re the newcomers.

So yeah that was the definite issue of mine entering into this. Andy: 0:05:40.2 And then I like the words you had actually used before the call– what did you do to get individuals to travel to unique Minnesota?Julie: 0:05:48.9 Exotic Minnesota. You understand it’s funny, a lot of individuals from the coast speak about flying over the country and they do not recognize Minneapolis is a really, actually cool city.

You understand, each month there’s conferences occurring in locations like that, but we really understood we had something special going here and we really, actually wished to make a point to host it in our home, in Minnesota, and reveal people what we have to do with, what we do. And that type of thing.

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We hosted at this fantastic venue that is an old train station that they became an occasion center and hotel. It is absolutely beautiful, right on the river front in Minneapolis on the Mississippi. 0:06:40.9 So yeah, the place was essential for us. Discovering an actually beautiful, motivating area in a truly unbelievable city.

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Andy: 0:06:55.6 Interesting. I desire to get into that in a little bit, but first I just wish to ask, how did that very first event go?Julie: 0:07:02.8 Yeah, you know it went actually well. It was definitely– it had its challenges preparing it, you understand, I had nine months to pull it together and actually absolutely nothing to pull from.

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But we certainly had challenges as we went along– however we absolutely had obstacles, you understand, ticket sales initially were an issue attempting to get people to Minnesota like I mentioned in the past. However we found that getting these fantastic names concerning our occasion, individuals like Pat Flynn, Ezra Firestone, Maury Smith, really speak for themselves, and as soon as we began making more of the speaker statements, we started seeing the ticket sales just surge.

Andy: 0:07:48.6 And after that afterwards, when you had managed the occasion, it all went, not always according to strategy, however it went off well and things– you had an excellent arise from it. How did you understand that it deserved continuing this financial investment 0:08:01.3. Since this was something that it’s challenging to pull it off, it’s not low-cost to pull it off, like this is your task, how did Clay and the rest of the Leadpages team and you understand that, Älright, I think we’re on to something here, let’s do this again.” Julie: 0:08:15.5 You understand, it was remarkable.

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Just that energy in the space. I indicate, we have an unbelievable AV team that we deal with. It was simply the area itself was just so definitely spectacular the method it was created, but I think after we had our first speaker get up there, and all the queues were dealing with time, the music was playing, whatever was just boom, boom, boom, simply shooting off and working, there was that feeling of joy and achievement.